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Google ads, Facebook and online bookings: mowing is serious business for nine-year-old Lincoln

Google ads, Facebook and online bookings: mowing is serious business for nine-year-old Lincoln

There’s a lot more to launching a mowing business in 2020 than simply placing a promotional flier in the letterboxes of your street.

Just ask nine-year-old Lincoln Bellas, the founder and CEO of Mowing X – a brand new mowing business based in Bruce ACT.

Lincoln on the job in Bruce. Photo: Amanda Smith

Lincoln has skipped the more traditional forms of promotion and instead gone straight to digital marketing: launching Google ads to help maintain a competitive edge and a Facebook page to show off his meticulous mowing and whipper snipping.


You can even book and pay for your mow online at – a website he built with the help of dad, Paul, and mum, Kym.

An entrepreneur in the making, Lincoln said Mowing X was his third attempt at launching a business in as many years.

“The whole business craziness started back like two years,” he says.

“At first, I wanted to do a car wash – but it didn’t make the cut.

“The second one was another mowing business but it didn’t make the cut either.”

Lincoln uses electric mowing equipment to reduce his impact on the environment. Photo: Amanda Smith

The “self taught” mower feels confident his third attempt will be a big success. The Orana Steiner student is a little older and wiser and is being mentored by a Canberra digital marketing guru.


Lincoln has also developed a checklist for his clients for quality assurance: “Sometimes I can be forgetful,” he admits. He employs younger brother Nic on the bigger jobs.

Every single lawn Lincoln mows gets him a step closer to his business goal and the reason he started Mowing X: to buy the Lego set of his dreams.

“I’m looking to save up to get this really awesome $700 Lego set, it’s a Technic seven-motor remote-controlled Lego set!” he says.

Lincoln is focussed on servicing the Bruce area but is happy to occasionally venture to Gungahlin or down south and even into NSW if he secures some bookings in Queanbeyan.

And it turns out he’s not the only entrepreneur in the Bellas family: little brother William, aged four, is looking to launch Nail Polish W, a mobile nail studio that comes direct to you. An excellent idea, especially during the current COVID-19 lockdown.

To book to have your lawn mowed by Mowing X, head to

You can purchase a one-off mow, or become a regular client via a monthly subscription.

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