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8 Queanbeyanites you should definitely be following on social media in 2022 

8 Queanbeyanites you should definitely be following on social media in 2022 

1. Omar Musa

Where you can follow him: 

Instagram: @omarbinmusa (Followers: 7.7k)

Why you should follow him:


Omar is a wickedly talented poet, playwright and author. He’s written three books, four hip-hop records and a critically-acclaimed one man play.  

Musa won the Australian Poetry Slam in 2008 and Indian Ocean Poetry Slam in 2010. Add to that an appearance on the ABC’s Q&A in 2011.

If that isn’t impressive enough (it’s pretty f*cking impressive), in 2013 he received a standing ovation for his TEDx talk at Sydney Opera House. His talk/poem was an emotive piece covering the complexities (racism, drugs, poverty) as a young Malaysian/Australian growing up in a multicultural Queanbeyan: “There was beauty in the streets, you could see it everywhere … sneakers that cluster hung like grapes on powerlines … an alphabet of exiles far from their lands of birth.” 


Musa’s just released a brand new book, “Killer Nova”, where he explores his heritage with a funky mix of traditional Borneo wood carving art and emotive poetry. Described on Booktopia as “relentlessly on beat, visually captivating and deceptively intimate, this is a collection of words and art that burn blindingly bright.” 

Omar Bin Musa. Photo by Cole Bennetts

2. Stefania Rose

Where you can follow her:


Instagram: @stefania_rose_ (Followers: 22.8k)

Tik Tok: @stefania_rose_ (Followers: 270.2k)

Why you should follow her: 

Stefania shares her weight loss journey with upbeat videos of her daily life. Her nightly low calorie dinners – known as “DIN DIN TIME!” have taken on a life of their own, and I honestly wish eating dinner with my family was that much fun. 

Her uplifting content and dances feature notable Queanbeyan institutions such as Woolies, Dan Murphys and F45 Training Queanbeyan.

Stefania’s open and honest attitude about her weight loss surgery and Lipedema diagnosis has attracted A TONNE of followers on Tik Tok (270k must be the Queanbeyan record surely!) and she recently turned her social media success into a small business, selling a selection of low sugar jams and food from the Skinny Food Company. You go girl!

3. Jerikye Williams

Where you can follow him: 

Instagram: @_.thebigo36_ (Followers: 1.3k)

Why you should follow him:

Former Queanbeyan High student Jerikye Williams turns heads everywhere he goes, not only for his musical talents but for his flamboyant 50s fashion (we love a good bolo tie!)

The commitment to his Roy Orbison-inspired look is UNREAL and he has the guitar and voice to back it up. Williams says his grandparents introduced him to Orbison as a child and he’s been obsessed ever since. A regular at the Top Pub karaoke nights, Williams has also played at gigs and festivals across the country. In 2019, he was awarded QPRC’s NAIDOC Youth of the Year. Recently we heard he killed it at the Majors Creek pub on New Years Eve! Make sure you give him a follow if you want to hear more of his deadly music.

4. Tyson Wighton

Where you can follow them: 

Instagram: @twighton3 (Followers: 1.2K)

Why you should follow them: 

Wow. Where do we begin? This Karabar High School Alumn serves FIERCE fashion lewks with a side of advocacy. Their pics feature sexy self expression and stunning make-up – from school formal to Mardi Gras. A proud member of the LQBTQ and indigenous communities, Tyson is passionate about equality for all and isn’t afraid to be loud and proud about their views. At just 20 years of age we can’t wait to see what’s next – because we know it’s going to EPIC.

5. The Social Connectors

Where you can follow them: 

Facebook: The Social Connectors (Followers: 443)

Tik Tok: @andrewfahey4 (Followers: 122)

Why you should follow them:

The Social Connectors is a therapy-based service in the Queanbeyan region. They provide a variety of services including occupational therapy, speech pathology and specialist education. This super fun group of therapists and their clients like to show off their dancing and Tik Tok talents online and their enthusiasm and infectious attitude is guaranteed to turn your day around! Keep a close watch also for notable Queanbeyan identities such as Rocky Burnell and QPRC Mayor Kenrick Winchester!

6. Cool Queanbeyan

Where you can follow them:

Instagram: @coolqueanbeyan (Followers: 616)

Why you should follow them: 

This account is a cool collection of Queanbeyan architecture and typography. It features beautiful photos of quirky Queanbeyan buildings, signs and cars with a heavy focus on anything really retro. Each week a different Queanbeyan street is featured, showing a hip mix of balustrades, mailboxes, fences and fenders. 

We love this page because it reminds us of all the bygone beauty, blended in among a modern facade.

7. Stackhat Music

Where you can follow them:

Instagram: @stackhatmusic (Followers: 853)


Why you should follow them:

Stackhat is the music production company of former Crinoline Street resident Tim Kent. Described on Triple J Unearthed as “unadulterated self-expression and raw emotional exhibitionism”, Stackhat creates music and music videos like you’ve never experienced. 

Stackhat’s amalgamation of exotic costumes and harsh suburban backdrops are an absolute feast for the eyes and demonstrate Kent’s artistic talents, clearly borne from his years at Queanbeyan West Public School. His recent video for artist Hedy Blaazer was featured on Rage but you can also find all his powerfully psychedelic and abstract videos on his YouTube channel.

8. Q! News

Where you can follow them:

Facebook: @qnewsqueanbeyan (Followers: 8,306)

Instagram: (Followers: 224)

Why you should follow them:

Mate. we’re a crack-up.

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