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Our pick of the best Queanbeyan tattoos, as sent in by you

Our pick of the best Queanbeyan tattoos, as sent in by you

Nothing says Queanbeyan pride like a quality Queanbeyan tattoo. From the backyard jobs to the super professional portraits, we’ve gathered Queanbeyan’s best patriotic tattoos to feast your eyeballs on. 

The home job.

Plenty of 2620 home jobs going around, none worse than this one submitted by Jack McFlurry (is that a real last name??!) Jack said the matching tatts were “done with a mate’s tattoo gun after a pub crawl, the needle obviously wasn’t in properly, haha.” 

A Q-Town forefather.

Check out this stunning portrait of Queanbeyan forefather John Gale: preacher, politician and founder of The Queanbeyan Age (he’s also the dude captured in bronze next the cop station). This awesome piece was done by Queanbeyan’s Deep Image Tattooing and belongs to Charlie Tizzard. “John Gale was my great great great grandfather,” Charlie says. “How do you say you’re from Queanbeyan without saying you’re from Queanbeyan?” 


The ‘lost bet’.

This one gets extra points from us because it has the HQ in front, and what is more Queanbeyan than Hotel Queanbeyan? Becca Papoulis said she bullied her best mate into getting it done with her. “We were both working there at the time, and I lost a bet on a dog.” SO Queanbeyan.

The one that went viral.

This all out back piece takes the absolute cake. Queanbeyan resident Scotty Jeffery got the iconic tattoo in 2021, also at Deep Image Tattooing, and it went viral in the local media in 2021. We even hear that there might be a follow-up piece coming later this year … Q-Town themed of course.

Queanbo Kitty.

Now THAT is what I call a cat in a hat! This tatt belongs to musician Stackhat (aka Tim Kent) who says: “It’s based on an art piece by Jeremy Fish, I just chucked the QBN stamp on it cause I love any excuse to chuck the QBN stamp on anything.”


The postcode.

We love this loud and proud piece belonging to former Mowatt Street resident Queanbeyan legend Daniel Bollard. You can take the boy out of Queanbeyan …

For the thinkers.

This one is classy AF for Queanbeyan, the classic 2620 in roman numerals. Owner Tony McKillop said: “All about class in Q-Town. Although I do jokingly say that half the residents of Queanbeyan wouldn’t know what it means, hahahaha.” 

Cute and classy.

Brad Bijorac and Bella Densworth added the cute but classy touch to our portfolio. 

Thigh pieces (not from KFC).

Tom Freebody, Max Green, Ryan Hyland and Kody Gabriel have the thigh pieces covered. From outlines to colour and solid black, we reckon they look sick, lucky they have some nice legs to represent Quangers!

The high school folder.

Guy Moore has this intricate wrist piece making sure everyone knows where his loyalty lies. I mean it does look like something I would have drawn on my folder in high school, but that just makes it even more Queanbeyan. 

The premiership stamp.

This tribute to the Queanbeyan Blues rugby league team belongs to Phillip Stonham. “I got this tattoo after I first ‘retired’ in 2010,” he laughed. “So it’s missing three more years – 2012, 2014 and 2016.”

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