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Is Jerra Woolies more expensive than Queanbeyan? A Q! News investigation

Is Jerra Woolies more expensive than Queanbeyan? A Q! News investigation

Queanbeyan Woolworths is one of the most lucrative Woolworths stores in the country, but since its smaller cousin the Jerrabomberra Woolworths opened in the early 2000s there has been much conjecture that the store is more expensive than its Queanbeyan counterpart. 

Known by some as the more upper class of the two supermarkets and often frequented by 2619 residents who would rather not be seen at the 2620 store – it definitely has the central Jerrabomberra location benefit, but is it really more expensive? 

Last week we took to social media to poll whether or not this Queanbeyan myth still existed. The results were surprising; 68 per cent of you indicated that you thought the Jerrabomberra Woolies was most definitely more expensive.


So we did what we did best: we investigated. Here is our comparison of most popular household items. Queanbeyan prices are on the left, Jerra on the right.

Wonder White bread

2L Dairy Farmers full cream Milk

Sunsilk shampoo

Sorbent 20 rolls of dunny paper

1.25L Coke

Huggies box of 96 infant nappies

Lean beef mince

Pack of four Maxibons

Anyone sensing a theme here? Myth busted! THEY’RE EXACTLY THE SAME.

There are pros and cons for both stores. The Queanbeyan store is obviously larger and has more of a range when it comes to the bakery, fruit and vegetable and meat sections (but Jerra has an independent bakery and butcher shop outside in the mall). We found overall that Queanbeyan’s shelves were better stocked, with a few empty shelves spotted at Jerra. 

The Jerrabomberra parking isn’t ideal being set back from the store – and having to push your trolley a bit further through the shopping centre could be problematic for the less abled or elderly. The trolley bays are probably on par, although Jerra does have one located towards the back of the carpark which Queanbeyan is sorely lacking.

Stay tuned for our next story: are you more likely to run into someone you know at at Aldi, Coles or Woolworths?

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