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What were the top things Queanbeyan people Googled in March?

What were the top things Queanbeyan people Googled in March?

According to the awesome digital agency behind Q! News, Fiber, here’s what Queanbeyan people were Googling last month.

1. Canberra

[Face palm emoji]. That is all. 

2. Shane Warne death

It had the world in shock. The death of Australian spin-bowler Shane Warne had Queanbeyan people on their phones in their thousands, probably to Google if the news was true, it was just so unbelievable. The whole nation was upset and we wanted to know how this could happen to a larger than life Aussie larrikin. Be assured, Shane’s bogan spirit lives on Queanbeyan. 


3. Heardle

We actually had to Google this one ourselves. Apparently Heardle is like Wordle, but for your ears. It’s a new game that combines the guessing format of Wordle with the fun of classic game show Name That Tune. We do know that Queanbeyan people are super smart and some have even won big on TV quiz shows like The Chaser (upcoming story about that!) so this is totally unsurprising. 

4. Turning Red

If you’re a parent you’ve likely heard of the movie Turning Red. The loveable story of a young girl that turns into a red panda when she gets excited – which is pretty often! A Chinese-Canadian producer brings some awesome Eastern techniques to this movie that make it different from any other Disney/Pixar film you’ve seen. 

5. Ukraine

Queanbeyan is a long way from Eastern Europe but our hearts clearly go out to our friends in the Ukraine. The Russian invasion continues to make headlines around the world. 

6. Japanese Encephalitis

Move over COVID, there’s a new virus for people around the globe – and specifically Queanbeyan – to worry about. Japanese Encephalitis (JEV) is a viral disease that is spread by mosquitoes. Less than 1 per cent of people infected with JEV will experience symptoms. As at 31 March 2022, there were 34 human cases of JEV in Australia. The disease has been declared a Communicable Disease Incident of National Significance. Infected people experience an illness with fever and headache. Hopefully Queanbeyan’s colder weather now will keep the mosquitoes away!

7. NRL scores

The return of the NRL season and footy tipping comps has spiked the interest of  local punters. Missed the Bunnies game because you were at Dazza’s BBQ? No worries mate, look it up on the world wide web! Maybe someone should tell Queanbeyanites about the new fandangle apps where you can get all the NRL info you want in real time.

8. Van Gogh Alive

Queanbeyanites are very cultured. We enjoy our arts, even if it means crossing the border into the ACT. If you haven’t seen pictures of your friends posing in a field of sunflowers then you’re living under a rock because the whole of Canberra and Queanbeyan have been raving about this interactive art installation. Located in a purpose-built pavilion on Parkes Place lawns (in front of Old Parliament House) the combination of huge projections and music tells the life of Van Gogh, and is perfect for children and people of all abilities. It closes on Sunday so get in quick!


9. Liz Hurley 

The Austin Powers beauty and former fiance of Shane Warne obviously sparked the interest of Queanbeyan residents after the cricketer’s untimely death. 

10. Kickin’ Inn 

​​Queanbeyan is home to an impressive selection of restaurants but Kickin’ Inn – a new seafood restaurant in Phillip – is something we previously would have only seen on American TV shows (total Homer Simpson vibes). Eating a bag of seafood off a table is now just 20 minutes away (check out their drag and drop menu: drool!) No wonder we’re excited! The menu offers everything from mozzarella sticks to lobster and even caters for the kids. Get me in one of those lobster bibs immediately!

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