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Queanbeyan identity Terry aka ‘Tex’ aka ‘The Cowboy’ home and resting after collapse

Queanbeyan identity Terry aka ‘Tex’ aka ‘The Cowboy’ home and resting after collapse

Every small town has that one familiar character – the one you see around town that is easily identifiable and always puts a smile on your face. They may be a little unique, or walk to the beat of their own drum, but their presence is a huge part of that town’s identity. 

For Queanbeyan that man is Terry (not Campo). Terry has become fondly known as “Cowboy” or “Tex” by Queanbeyan residents because of the iconic rodeo couture he wore for almost two decades.

His commitment to fashion is second to none and his 90s/early 2000’s fashion style was definitely “cowboy chic”. Black jeans, black leather jacket, black cowboy hat and black boots: an iconic look that made him stand out from the crowd. In the 2010s he went through a basketball phase. His more recent fashions have included injections of green and more of a skater boi vibe. 


Terry is also known for his passion on global social and political issues. Terry would often call into local businesses for a chat and to give his opinion on current affairs. 

It’s no surprise then that Queanbeyan residents were shocked and saddened this week to hear that our local icon had collapsed near The Q. 

Alan Turner reported in the Queanbeyan Noticeboard Group on May 8:

Thanks to all those that stopped to offer assistance to the elderly gentleman (Terry aka Cowboy) when he collapsed, crashing head first into the pavement at the Lowe St/Council car park (The Q) entrance. A big thanks to the 2 ladies who helped with 1st aid assistance (we didn’t get your names before you left). Terry has been transferred to QBN Hosp by Ambulance.”

Alan’s post about Terry got 211 likes, hearts and care responses and 43 comments.


Sending well wishes to Terry and hope he has a speedy and full recovery,” said one group member.

Omg! I have fond memories of Terry when I worked at Sanity! I hope he recovers well!”

“Please keep us updated,” said another. 

A second update from Alan on May 9 was a sigh of relief for residents concerned about Terry.

“Hi Folks … just an update on Terry aka “Cowboy”. He’s having a stay in Hospital, he’s not well and there are a number of issues. Hopefully they’ll arrange assistance and the necessary services to help him from here on. He’s a stubborn bugger so let’s hope. We’ve passed onto him the well wishes from many.”

Queanbeyan was grateful for this update and relieved to hear that Terry was being taken care of.

“That’s no good at all.. Poor Terry.. he’s been a part of Queanbeyan for such a long time… he’s had some tough times throughout his life… I really hope he’s ok.” said one comment. 

The final update on the Queanbeyan Noticeboard was May 12, when Alan posted:

“Last Update – Terry aka Cowboy. Just to let everyone know Terry is home and resting. The old fella isn’t well. Have spoken with Housing who are doing welfare checks on him and will connect him to other support agencies ie Aged Care etc which he needs. Thanks to all that have asked about him. He had a big smile when I told him,” his post says.

One comment read: “When I got posted to RAAF Fairbairn in 1998, I chose to live in QBN (been here since). The first person I noticed at Riverside was Terry. Get well soon and stay safe!”

“So wonderful of you to be looking out for Terry, we hope he has the care he needs and is comfortable at home,” said another.

A friend of Terry’s commented: “Talked to my old mate yesterday. Told him to hold on and take it as it comes. Great friend, great mate.”

We hope Terry is getting all the care he needs and we see him walking around Queanbeyan again. Get well Terry. 

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