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The all-time greatest Queanbeyan rivalries

The all-time greatest Queanbeyan rivalries

Queanbeyan is a town built on (mostly) friendly competition, fuelled by a bit of banter and shit stirring. We love to be the best at everything, but sometimes that can create rifts or the odd bit of strife between businesses and sports clubs. Here are what we reckon are six of the all time greatest Queanbeyan rivalries.

Roos v Blues

Image: Trisha’s Sports Photos

The Queanbeyan Blues are a rugby league institution that has been around since day dot, we’re talking before Rocky Burnell was born. Whereas the Queanbeyan Kangaroos are relatively new kids on the block, not coming onto the scene until the mid 1960s.

They’ve both had their fair share of talented and rough-as-guts players, from Ian Baker and Billy Sullivan at the Roos to Ricky Stuart and Matty Giteau at the Blues. In recent years, they’ve come up against each other in premiership games (2013 and 2017) – coming away with one apiece. Both are highly successful football clubs in their own right, and the hometown derby is still one of the most coveted days of the year. 


Langes v Russell Automotive stickers on ya car

Forget The Bloods and The Crips, a rivalry between two opposing Queanbeyan car servicing and repair shops has the potential to spill more tea than Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna on a RHOBH reunion show. A Langes or Russell Automotive sticker on your car can be seen as sending a caution or gang sign in Queanbeyan, so just be careful when parking out the front of Dan Murphys. We’ve used Langes and Russell Automotive and they’re both top options (and blokes) in our books. (Side note: Langes phone number 6297-6969 is champagne humour).

Queanbeyan High v Karabar High

If you went to high school in Queanbeyan, you know that the rival high school always sucked more than yours. They were always bigger booners or eshays and worse teachers. The pendulum to which is the better school sways back and forth and Karabar has tuned up their curriculum in recent years, introducing some impressive programs, while Queanbeyan High now has a newfangled building, housing a state-of-the-art Distance Education facility.

The combined high school socials (discos) did help to bridge the gap a little during the 1990s (till there was a massive fight and they got banned) and from what we hear from the kids, social media has helped the two schools be a little more amicable these days.

2620 v 2619 (and Googong)


Jerrabomberra was the original “too good for Queanbeyan” suburb. So much so they just had their own postcode. Jerra Heights and North Terrace residents are also quick to jump on the “I don’t live in Queanbeyan” bandwagon. These days Googong is the place to live for all the upper middle class, active wear wearing, GRA, P&C, dance Mums.

Jerra residents recently kicked up a stink when their kids almost had to go to a Queanbeyan school *gasp* but has generally toned down their smug-o- meter, now that all their kitchens and bathrooms need renovating, but don’t expect to see them at Queanbeyan Woolies anytime soon. Or ever.

Walsh’s v The Toppy

Two rival pubs that want to win over their patrons to drink more booze, what’s more Queanbeyan than that? Both upstanding and historical institutions. Friday nights at Walsh’s brings in the young crowds (and a few barneys now and then). The Walsh’s outdoor area is unrivalled and perfect for a summer bevvy. The food at Micheal’s is *chefs kiss*- but is only usually affordable on pay day.

Meanwhile. The Toppy is the perfect venue for a 21st or sports presentation and has some epic punting and sports events. Their cheap schnitty and burger nights are iconic Queanbeyan social events. If we had to choose one … we couldn’t! Like they say on the Old El Paso taco ads – why not both?!

Sunrise v Waratah

Forget football or boxing, head to the Queanbeyan netball courts on a Saturday arvo if you want to see a real competition. Housewives slog it out in an absolute dogfight on the netball court once a week, tired mums taking out their stress on the opposing team and believe me when I say, they come to win.

The greatest match-up on the Queanbeyan courts has always been between Sunrise and Waratah, two fiercely talented and competitive teams who have both earned the top dog status over the years. We also hear in recent years the Googong Hogs have entered the chat, making for an intense rivalry triangle.

Lindbeck’s v Dumbrell’s

Queanbeyan loves its sausages, mince and diced beef. Luckily for us, there’s no shortage of good meat suppliers in the region, and these two would be in the top five. Dumbrell’s has the good parking option right out the front and is handy if you’re picking up your kids from Karabar High on a weekday.

Lindbeck’s has the green Raider’s sausages and the meat quality is A Grade, also you get to chat with Coley or Butcher Lindbeck about footy, politics and the family. We rate them both so with most things Queanbeyan, it’s all a matter of preference and convenience (or where ya mum used to go).

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