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7 Queanbeyan-themed gifts for Christmas to show your 2620 pride all year round

7 Queanbeyan-themed gifts for Christmas to show your 2620 pride all year round

Got a loved one who’s moved away from Queanbeyan or do you just love your home town so much that you can’t get enough? This list of Queanbeyan merch will let all those Canberra cats know not to mess with you. 

This most excellent t-shirt.

This one is self explanatory. Wear it for office morning tea, casual Fridays or your Christmas party. Must be said in the tone of: “O’Doyle Rules!” Price: $20.33.


Buy Queanbeyan Rules shirt here

A Q-Town classic.

This Sunrise Apartments poster is actually mint. Pop it in a frame next to a Kmart lamp and voila, Queanbeyan aesthetic achieved. Created by the talented Newcastle artist Trevor Dickinson, famous for his love of local culture and the the owner of the cool bus stop mural at Woden, his website “Newcastle Productions” has heaps of cool Canberra merch that goes alright too! Price: from $55.

Buy Sunrise Apartments print here

The ultimate sticker.

Stick it (literally) to ya mates who think Queanbeyan is all bogans and pubs. Tell them that Queanbeyan has its own coat of arms and it’s actually very meaningful. The sticker looks cool on a drink bottle too (wonder what’s in the drink bottle – haha). 


“The arms were granted on March 19, 1980. The concentric circles represent a growing city with a growing range of industries. The red symbolises the blood of its citizens, and the gold the wealth resulting from their efforts. The border, with its brick wall appearance, represents the contribution of all sections of the community to build up their city. Green and white colours signify the ever-fresh ideas and efforts of the people.” — Heraldry-Wiki.

Also I’m putting “QBN: FRESH IDEAS AND EFFORTS” on a bumper sticker. Price: $2.11

 Buy City of Queanbeyan sticker here

Office merch.

Delizia is the website of a Queanbeyan resident! Love that for us! The website’s sales pitch is all you need to know about this mug; “These mugs are emblazoned with the Straight Outta Queanbeyan mark. If you know of the movie Straight Outta Compton, this is obviously a play on words. Did you know that the local Queanbeyan Mayor has one of these mugs!” lol. SO QUEANBEYAN. 

*Also they have the option to pick up your purchase from the Donald Road shop!!! GET OUTTA TOWN! Price: $35

Buy Straight Outta Queanbeyan mug here

Map of God’s Country.

This posh print of Queanbeyan will look pretty as a feature piece in your man cave or as a gift to that family member who thought they were too good for Q-town and moved away. Price: From $15

Buy Queanbeyan map print here

Non-school uniform.

Look, it’s not as good as the old maroon and grey rugby jerseys from the 90s but it’s still pretty good and you can duck down to Lowes and grab one on your way to the tobacco shop. Hands up who still has their QBN High Jersey?!! Price $59.95

Buy Queanbeyan High School hoodie here

2620 pride.

Who doesn’t need a new pub t-shirt? Wear it to lawn bowls at the Yass Road RSL or on a UDL run down to Uncle Dan’s. Perfecto. Price: $13

Buy Queanbeyan t-shirt here

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