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Once upon a time in Queanbeyan… The Medieval Fair is coming to town!

Once upon a time in Queanbeyan… The Medieval Fair is coming to town!

Knights, Bards, Kings, Queens, Maidens, Merchants, the Crusades and the Holy Grail. Queanbeyan is about to step back in time to the world of myth and legend.

Coming this 23rd and 24th of September, the Queanbeyan Showground will be transformed into a medieval wonderland as it plays host to a new annual Medieval Fair. The fair will feature a variety of craftworking stalls, combat events and traditional food, hoping to give attendees a taste of what it was like to live in the Middle Ages.


The fair offers something for every Middle Age person. Looking for a book? Head on down to the Bookwyrm Emporium. In need of some magical ingredients? Go see the Apothecary over at The Cauldron of Wellbeing. Or for those just looking for a frothy mead and some meat on the bone, head over to the Red Lion Tavern for a brew and talk with The Meat Wizard inside for some magical medieval BBQ.

After you’ve found a new cloak at Dragon’s Blood Creations and filled your stomach with mead, you can head over to the Main Arena to enjoy some full armour combat sports and live re-enactments. There will be performances from The Revolting Peasants, Die Schlachtschule, The Roman Legions and many many more fan favourites.

A fully dedicated Jousting Field will be set up for the event, so be sure not to miss out on the most exciting sport of the times. A meet and greet will be available for those wishing to mingle with the noble combatants, and perhaps win their favour.

Traditional music performers and entertainers can be found roaming the fairground, and entertaining the patrons inside the Red Lion Tavern. Music workshops will be available for the aspiring bard or traditional music enthusiast.

Event organisers are expecting attendees in the thousands, so get out your best Medieval garb and head on down for what is sure to be a magical experience.


Event details

When: 23rd & 24th of September
Where: Queanbeyan Showground, Glebe Ave, Queanbeyan NSW 2620