What do you buy the Canberran who has everything?

Bypass gift vouchers and bottles of wine and head to ‘The Naughty Corner’ at The Markets Wanniassa. Now in its fourth year at the Wanniassa Shops, The Markets is a craft store that stocks the work of hundreds of local artists and makers, from earrings and tea towels to reusable baby nappies and t-shirts.

Here’s the best of the best of The Naughty Corner.

1. Daily reminder badge for your work colleagues.

This badge is less a gift for someone else and more something to pin to yourself on a Monday morning and not take off until Friday night. Perfect for those who work in the public service, and an interesting message for your kids once in a while too. The Markets Wanniassa badge, $2.50.

2. A bath bomb for all the single ladies.

If you’re a woman in a long-term relationship, chances are there’s a real one of these trying its hardest to get in the bath with you. Sigh. But for the single ladies, there’s this sweet-smelling, dissolvable version for your next relaxing tub. Mad Passion Skincare bathbomb, $8.

3. This ‘made you look twice’ crochet plant.

Aw, look at that beautiful crocheted flower! So pink and pretty, with curved and layered petals. It does remind me of something though … Hmmm. Flossie crochet fanny, $16.

4. A cross-stitch for the real housewives of Canberra.

Hang this on the kitchen wall and just point to it when the kids complain they can’t find a bowl for their cereal. We’re going to. Flossie embroidery hoop art, $25.

5. A stubby holder in lieu of a card.

For super lazy people who need to nail the card and gift in one. You’re welcome. The Markets Wanniassa stubby cooler, $18.

6. The perfect desk accessory doesn’t exi-

Grab this crochet masterpiece for a passive aggressive work colleague’s desk. When she opens it and realises what it is, play dumb. “OMG I’m so sorry I had no idea. Just sit it next to your keyboard – no-one will notice.” Flossie, crochet cocktus, $20.

7. The kind of cup that’ll get you through winter.

Who doesn’t need a hilarious piece of ceramic to fill with hot cocoa in the coming months? We’re big fans of the Canberra one in the middle, and you could pair the Don’t Be a Douchebag cup with a badge from number one for the ultimate birthday or anniversary present. The Markets Wanniassa assorted mugs, $24.

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