A Googong man who interrupted a ScoMo press conference because the PM was standing on his newly-seeded lawn is just another example of why people outside of Googong refer to the suburb as ‘Whingegong’.

On site in Googong this morning to announce changes to the first home loan deposit scheme, ScoMo was loudly interrupted by a man in a hoodie asking Australia’s top politician and the media mob to move off his front lawn for fear they’ll ruin it. The Prime Minister yells back, ‘All good mate’.


It’s all fuel to the fire for Queanbeyanites and Canberrans who refer to Googong as ‘Whingegong’. The Googong Noticeboard Facebook page in particular is known as the home of whingeing in Googong, with residents complaining about flies in summer, people not picking up dog poo and furiously reporting cats they’ve seen wandering the streets. They also hate people who park their caravans on the road in front of their houses and had the audacity to whinge about the new pub that’s just opened at the Googong shops.

Someone even started an imitation version of the Noticeboard page as a joke:

Pretty sure ScoMo won’t be heading out there for a press conference again anytime soon.

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