Welcome to your weekly wrap of the Queanbeyan Facebook noticeboards: it was a week of rare memorabilia and Queanbeyan getting behind its fave people and businesses.

Here are our Top 9 faves of the week:

1. This couch and pool table.

“Objects in mirror may be smaller than they appear” – ha! Perfect for tabletop lounging and a spot of pool with the lads … if you’re the size of a three-year-old.

2. This Carlton Draught metal sign.

An absolute steal for just $17. Bang it on the mancave wall, it’ll go perfectly with your couch and tiny pool table!

3. This used shower screen.

Emphasis on USED. And judging by the age of those tiles, it’s gotten some bloody good use. I’m getting visions of bums pressed up on the screen … it’s a no from me dawg.

4. This McLeods Daughters limited edition signed and framed print.

Aaah, who could forget Claire giving birth in a horse paddock and poor Nick’s mysterious disappearance. An Australian series that should be commemorated forever. Also looks great next to Carlton Draught signage.

5. This RARE Constable Kenny Koala plush.

An icon of 1980s Canberra in one cuddly plush toy. Get better. Kenny visiting your school was up there with getting Aussie of the Month. His advice about crossing the road safely and Stranger Danger probably saved us all from ending up on the Australian version of Forensic Files. Show some gratitude by buying this RARE plush (with certificate).

6. Chicken Run. Forget cygnets – the chooks are on the loose! Suspiciously close to KFC if you ask us …

7. Roll up, roll up.

Hudsons Circus is finally open! Support the performers who came to perform for us in early July and – thanks to COVID – are still here nearly 16 weeks later!

8. This appreciation post for the beautiful Stella at Reject Shop.

We’ve heard she’s one top sheila and she definitely deserves to be recognised for her work at arguably one of Queanbeyan’s longest-running stores.

9. This Hot Tip post.

We love this post about Queanbeyan doing what it does best and coming together for the greater good. Hairhouse Warehouse was able to identify this woman thanks to its customers’ superior Facebook stalking skills. We love a happy ending.

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